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Here are some real world examples of Cuff Technology Solutions helping organizations reach and exceed their goals.

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Technical Advisor

Jim works with the founding team at CloudTruth, where their mission is to solve the problem of cloud configuration complexity. As an expert on DevOps trends and real world applications for cloud configuration management, Jim is involved in product market fit, feature definition, and overall company strategy.


Image by Tim Mossholder

DevOps Consultant

Jim worked with this private equity backed company across multiple product lines in 5 development centers around the world. Jim provided expertise to guide their internal DevOps initiatives. This included driving process changes (in a SOC-2 compliant environment) to support CI / CD and push button deployments. Some key results included:

  • Improving time to bootstrap new applications from 2 months to 2 hours

  • The biggest single team improvement where average time from "commit" to "deploy to production" went from 68 days to 2 days

Product Security Group

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Cuff Technology Solutions has partnered with PSG on client engagements that combine deep expertise in security and modern software engineering practices. This includes Dev-Sec-Ops, Incident Management, and security / privacy in the software development life cycle.

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